In the simplest terms, alloy steel can be described as the type of steel that is alloyed with diverse types of elements in total amounts between 1.0% and 50% by weight, so as to improve its mechanical properties. Alloy steels can be majorly broken down into two distinct groups, the low alloy steels and the high alloy steels.

It is important to note that while every kind of steel is an alloy, not all of them are considered to be “alloy steels”.  This standard term is typically used for steels in the scenario when other alloying elements are added to it deliberately in addition to carbon.  The most commonly used alloys are:

  • Manganese (the most common type of alloy)
  • Nickel
  • Silicon
  • Boron
  • Chromium
  • Molybdenum
  • Vanadium

Copper, titanium, tin, lead, zinc, and aluminum are few of the less commonly used alloys.

Alloy steels boast of having superior wear resistance, durability, hardness or toughness in comparison to the typical carbon steel. It, however, might have to go through a heat treatment process in order to achieve these properties. Due to their hard-wearing nature, alloy steel sheets are favored over carbon steel plates by many. Alloy steels are known to be much more responsive to mechanical and heat treatments in general, in comparison to carbon steels.

Alloy Steel Price Per Kg in India

SizeMSL MakeISMT makeJSL Make

All Above Prices are USD $/Ton

Alloy Steel Material

Alloy Steel Sheet & Plate
Alloy Steel GradeTemperSpecification
4130 Alloy SteelA, NMIL-S-18729, AMS6350, AMS6345
4340 Alloy SteelA, N, TAMS6359
4140 Alloy SteelAs RolledASTM-A829

Alloy Steel Bar
4130 Alloy SteelMIL-S-6758, AMS-6370, AMS-2301, AMS-6348
4140 Alloy SteelMIL-S-5626, AMS-6382, AMS-2301, AMS-6349
4330 N&TMIL-S-8699, AMS-6427, AMS-2301, BMS-7-27
4330 Mod. VacMIL-S-8699, AMS-6411, AMS-6427, BMS-7-27, Melt, N&T AMS-2300, BMS-7-122
4340 N&TMIL-S-5000, AMS-6415, AMS-2301, BMS 7-28, DMS-1555, AMS-6409
4340 Vac. Melt. N&TMIL-S-8844, AMS-2300, AMS-6414, DMS-1555, BMS 7-28
300 M, (4340 Mod. Vac.)MIL-S-8844-CL 3, MIL-S-83135, AMS-6417, AMS-6419, AMS-2300, BMS 7-26 CL-1, DMS-1935
D6AC Vac. Melt.MIL-S-8949, AMS-6431, AMS-2300
9310 N&TMIL-S-7393C, AMS-6260, AMS-2301
9310 N&T Vac. MeltMIL-S-7393C, AMS-6265, AMS-6260, AMS-2300, AMS 6267
52100 AnnMIL-S-7420, AMS-6440, AMS-2301
52100 Vac. MeltMIL-S-7420, AMS-6444, AMS-2300

Applications of alloy steel

The alloy steels quite widely used due to their economic costs, commendable mechanical properties, wide availability and ease of processing.  Alloy steel pipes especially have become quite popular due to their impressive performance properties. Such pipes tend to be developed for diverse energy-related applications that involve gas and oil drilling, as well as are subjected to stresses in machine parts. The popularity of alloy steel pipe fittings has also augmented significantly due to the many advantageous features of this material. Low alloy steels are generally used for pipelines and pressure vessels oil drilling platforms. This variant of alloy steel can also be found in ships, military vehicles, and construction equipment.

High-alloy steels tend to be more difficult to process and expensive to manufacture than the low alloy steels. However, even still they tend to be commonly used for power generating and chemical processing equipment, structural components and automotive applications, owing to their extreme hardness and corrosion resistance properties.

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