There are a number of nickel-based steel alloys that are used extensively owing to the high resistance to corrosion that they provide, and Hastelloy is one of the best ones among them.  This alloy has a base composition of nickel-molybdenum, and often other metals are added to it to provide it with specialized characteristics and features. The addition of molybdenum and chromium in several Hastelloy grades makes the material extremely tough and hard-wearing.  While each of its grades tends to be optimized for a certain purpose, all of them have a high resistance to corrosion. The presence of molybdenum in this nickel alloy makes it both harder and stronger at high temperatures and provides it with features that make it ideal to be used for welding applications as well. Such alloys generally can be both cold worked and forged easily, and enjoy a good ductility. They also are quite easily formed and fabricated.


Hastelloy steel can be availed in a number of forms. There are a number of companies that offer open die forged products like shafts and flanges made of this nickel alloy.  This material is known to exhibit incredible advantages like having exceptional high-temperature strength in atmospheres and vacuums that are chemically inert and therefore has emerged as one of the most favored steel options when it comes to environments demanding versatility and corrosion resistance.

Here are two of the most popular grades of Hastelloy:

  • Alloy C-22: It provides improved corrosion resistance in oxidizing corrosives than many of the other similar alloys, including C-278, 625 and C-4 alloys. This material has remarkable resistance to stress corrosion cracking, as well as localized corrosion. It typically is used as a universal weld filler metal in order to resist corrosion of weldments.
  • Alloy C-276: This is an extremely versatile alloy that has good resistance to mildly oxidizing and reducing corrosives. It boasts of featuring commendable stress corrosion cracking resistance along with high to localized attack.

Hastelloy Applications

Due to their exceptional corrosion resistant feature, Hastelloy alloys are commonly used in the chemical processing industries.  The demand for reliable performance standards has led to the growth in the popularity of this material in the domains of pharmaceuticals, solar energy, geothermal, as well as oil and gas. The prime advantages offered by Hastelloy process equipment tend to include incredible stress corrosion cracking resistance, remarkable localized corrosion resistance and commendable resistance to uniform attack.  The ease of fabrication and welding provided by this nickel alloy also comes as an added advantage.


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