Incoloy refers to a family of superalloys that tend to be produced by the Special Metals Corporation group of firms. Such superalloys are generally nickel-based, and designed for having high strength and corrosion resistance at high temperatures. There in fact also are specific alloys meant for resistance to specific chemical attacks.

Incoloy alloys, including the much popular Incoloy 825 and Incoloy 800, tend to be extremely sought after owing to their capacity to effectively resist both carbonization and oxidization in high-temperature settings. A large number of Incoloy alloys make certain additions to their base composition of nickel-iron-chromium. Such additions enable the alloy to effectively adapt to the requirements and needs of a number of sectors and industries, while also enabling major ferrous and non-ferrous metal manufacturing companies to offer an expansive range of Incoloy designs and shapes.

Like many of the nickel alloys, Incoloy 800 tends to remain stabling during extended exposure to elevated temperature environments. It also has the capacity to avoid erosion in several atmospheres. These incredible characteristics have made this alloy quite an effective tool when it comes to constructing nuclear steam-generator tubing, heat exchangers, and a number of other applications where many of the other metals would not be able to withstand the moisture and heat present in the environment.

Incoloy 825 features the additions of molybdenum and copper in their composition that augments its resistance capacity to general stress corrosion, as well as specific attacks like crevice corrosion. This alloy also provides great resistance to both phosphoric and sulfuric acids that makes it versatile enough to be used in both pickling and nuclear fuel reprocessing equipment.

The prime characteristics and features of Incoloy

  • High corrosion resistance in aqueous environments
  • Incredible strength resistance in environments having elevated temperature
  • Exceptional carburization and oxidation resistance in high-temperature settings
  • Commendable creep-rupture strength
  • A high ease of fabrication

The major applications are Incoloy alloys

  • Nuclear steam generator tubing, carburizing equipment, process piping, heating-element sheathing, and heat exchangers
  • Heat-treating equipment, power plants, chemical and petrochemical processing, as well as industrial furnaces
  • Pickling equipment, oil and gas well piping, pollution control equipment, acid production and nuclear fuel reprocessing

Due to their corrosion resistance properties, Incoloy enjoys a wide range of applications in extreme environments where corrosion and heat resistance is extremely crucial to the integrity of the end object.


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