Inconel 617 is a popular solid-solution, nickel-chromium cobalt molybdenum alloy. This superalloy contains aluminum additives as well.  The composition of Alloy 617 provides it with superior stability and strength at elevated temperature, while also retaining the high-temperature corrosion resistance capacity similar to Alloy 601. This nickel alloy is both easily welded and formed with the help of conventional techniques, and tends to enjoy high resistance to a wide variety of corrosive environments.

The high level of chromium and nickel present in the composition of Inconel 617 makes this alloy resistant to a number of oxidizing and reducing media. The solid-solution strengthening feature of this alloy additionally is imparted by molybdenum and cobalt.

The distinct properties of Inconel 617 make it ideal for use for components of various power-generating plants, both nuclear and fossil-fueled. There has also been an increase seen in this usage of this material as catalyst grids in the production processes of nitric acid. Alloy 617 additionally also is used as reformer tubes for steam generation in various petrochemical plants.

At the elevated temperature above 1800 °F, Alloy 617 is known to offer a high scale of stress and creep rupture strength. These features, in combination with the incredible resistance to carburizing atmosphere and oxidizing offer this nickel alloy with the capability to enjoy prolonged high stress rupturing strength at quite high temperatures.

The prime characteristics of Inconel 617

  • Due to the addition of aluminum, it enjoys resistance to oxidation at high temperatures
  • Easy to fabricate
  • Easy to join with the help of the conventional welding techniques
  • Commendable resistance to an expansive range of corrosive aqueous environments
  • Resistant to a host of distinguished damaging oxidizing and reducing media
  • Molybdenum and cobalt imparts solid-solution strengthening


Corrosion resistance

The composition of Inconel 617 includes good amounts of chromium and nickel, as well as an adequate amount of aluminum that facilitates a high degree of resistance to carburization and oxidation at high temperatures. This alloy is able to efficiently withstand a wide number of wet corrosive environments due to these elements, along with the molybdenum content.


Inconel 617 boasts of having a good level of weldability.  The INCONEL Welding Electrode 117 is generally used for the process of shielded metal-arc welding, while INCONEL Filler Metal 617 tends to be used for gas-metal-arc welding and gas-tungsten-arc welding.  The deposited weld metal is comparable to the wrought alloy in corrosion resistance and strength.


Alloy 617 can be machined easily with the usage of various conventional machining methods that tend to be used for the typical iron-based alloys. Commercial coolants are generally used for the machining operations performed on this nickel alloy. In the case of high-speed operations like milling, turning and grinding, water-base coolants are generally used.

When conducting machining operations on Alloy 617 it is important to ensure to use cutting tools that are sharp and have positive rake angles. This will reduce the work hardening of the alloy. To prevent burnishing of the workpiece surface adequate cutting feed and depth of the cut should be ensured.

Inconel Electrical Conductivity

(% IACS)(Siemens/m)(Ohm-m) 
Inconel 6001.709.860E+051.014E-06conductivity converted from resistivity
Inconel 6001.671.030E-06conductivity converted from resistivity
Inconel 6011.451.190E-06conductivity converted from resistivity
Inconel 6171.411.220E-06conductivity converted from resistivity
Inconel 6251.341.290E-06conductivity converted from resistivity
Inconel 69011.651.480E-07conductivity converted from resistivity
Inconel 7181.381.250E-06conductivity converted from resistivity
Inconel X7501.411.220E-06conductivity converted from resistivity

617 Inconel Alloy Chemical Composition

ElementsContent (%)
Nickel, Ni48.85-62
Chromium, Cr20-24.0
Cobalt, Co10-15
Molybdenum, Mo8-10
Manganese, Mn≤ 1
Silicon, Si≤ 1
Carbon, C≤ 0.15

Inconel 617 Mechanical Properties

Density8.3g/cm³0.302 lb/in³
Inconel 617 Melting point1363°C2485°F

Equivalent Grades for Inconel 617

INCONEL 617NiCr 23 Co 12 Mo2.46638.4N 06617NC 22 KDA

Applications of the Inconel 617

Diverse types of industries across the world rely on Alloy 617 for a variety of distinguished processes. This alloy is commonly used in gas turbines and industrial furnace components for combustion cans and ducts. It can also be found in chemical production components, power-generating plants, and heat-treating baskets.

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