Superior Non Ferrous Metal manufacturing at Midland Alloys

Midland Alloys is known as one of the largest manufacturing and exporting companies dealing with different kinds of steel, alloys, ferrous and Non Ferrous Metal manufacturing materials of varied grades, schedules with a variety of coatings. 

As a company, we at Midland Alloys strive to achieve the best in every area of our production and procurement process. This extends to stainless steel plates manufacturing process, as well as for the Non Ferrous Metal manufacturing.

Ferrous metals are an important part of many industries but specifically the electrical and the motor industries, as they have magnetic properties beneficial for them. Ferrous materials are also used extensively in shipping containers, automobiles, industrial piping, and railroad tracks, to name a few. 

Why choose us?

As one of the leading Buttweld fittings Manufacturer in the country, our infrastructure allows us to do work with high volumes and supplying to high volume industries. Our plants are closely monitored for the security and safety of our employees, ensuring highly productive and efficient teams, whose sole purpose to create the best grade fitting, tubes, wires and plates with protection using top quality protective gear required by our industry for safety measures. 

We have invested time and a lot of funding to ensure that our employees work with a comprehensive company-wide Occupational Health and Safety Management System. At Midland Alloys, we are strict believers in preventing mishaps and accidents, and therefore we aim towards “Zero Harm” to our people and their safety.

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We at Midland Alloys, believe in serving our customers to the best of our capabilities whether they need flanges, buttweld fitting, forged fittings or Non Ferrous Metal manufacturing for their business. Entrepreneurs can rest assured that we do not compromise on the quality of our materials and all our orders are completed using top-notch quality of raw materials. Why wait? Drop us a mail today for the best deals. 


We offer high quality, lower cost but the best service. As a result to that our export account today is in over 45 countries some of them are United States, United Arab Emirates, Canada, Pakistan, Spain, France, United Kingdom, Indonesia, Iran, Kuwait, Mexico, Malaysia, Nigeria, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Netherlands, Brazil, Colombia, Egypt, Iraq, Sri Lanka, Russia, Vietnam, South Africa,, Nigeria, Turkey, Bangladesh, Italy, Japan, Thailand, Hong Kong, Switzerland, New Zealand We welcome your inquiries.